2022 Heritage Oaks Permanent Tee Times

The Permanent Tee Time (PTT) program provides exclusive availability for players to access weekend tee times on the Classic 18. 20 Tee times will be available for advanced booking on Saturday and Sunday. Submit your foursome application to attend the lottery drawing in February.

Registration Begins                                         Thursday, January 6

Lottery Entry Deadline                                  Sunday, February 12

Lottery Drawing Date                                     Thursday, February 17 at 7 pm

Lottery Location                                               Heritage Oaks Golf Club

Clubhouse – Brook Room

3535Dundee Rd. Northbrook, IL 60062

Season Begins: Saturday, April 23             Season Ends: Sunday, September 4

How Does It Work?

  • Register for the lottery drawing by completing an online application at nbparks.org and paying the non-refundable entry fee of $150
  • Each registered group will designate a captain to attend the lottery drawing and select a tee time

Captains at the lottery drawing will be separated into two tiers:

Tier 1:

Northbrook Residents and PTT Captains with previous season (2018 or 2019) program participation

Tier 2:

New non-resident program applicants

The first 25% (10 out of 40) of available tee times will be prioritized for Tier 1. Tier 2 lottery balls will be added to the hopper after ten program times have been selected. Lottery balls will be selected at random until all captains have had an opportunity to select from available tee times.

Tee Time Availability

Four tee times per hour will be available for permanent tee time booking with the first tee time of the day offered at 6:10 am on both Saturday and Sunday. Tee times at the top and bottom of the hour will remain open to weekly public reservations and therefore are not available as a permanent time.

                                6:10am                 7:10am                 8:10am                 9:10am                 10:10am

                                6:20am                 7:20am                 8:20am                 9:20am                 10:20am

                                6:40am                 7:40am                 8:40am                 9:40am                 10:40am

                                6:50am                 7:50am                 8:50am                 9:50am                 10:50am

What is the Cost?

After a tee time has been selected:

  • $150 per person program fee will be due by March 1 from the remaining three players in the group.
  • A $55 Permanent Tee Time Green fee will be paid weekly per player.
  • Optional golf car and push cart rentals will be available for an additional fee.

Permanent Tee Time FAQ

  • What if a Captain chooses not to select a time at the lottery?

Unclaimed tee times will be made available to public reservations. Lottery entry fees are non-refundable after the registration deadline.

  • What if our foursome cannot play on a given week?

Captains can cancel or modify the number of players 48 hours in advance without penalty.

  • Can we substitute players?

Players can invite substitutes to fill their permanent tee time slot. Subs will pay the $55 PTT green fee and optional golf car or push cart rentals.

  • Is there a penalty for no-shows?

Heritage Oaks Golf Club reserves the right to book a player or players with the group when one or more players in a group has cancelled and/or has no-showed. Unfilled slots will be charged a no-show fee of $55.

  • What happens if play is impacted by weather or course conditions?

Golf staff will notify permanent tee time players of weather-related delays such as frost or rain on the morning of play. Course conditions and golf car restrictions will be communicated as well. Any day determined by staff to be unplayable or impacted by weather and/or golf car restrictions may void potential no-show penalties.

  • Will I be able to keep my tee time for 2023?

The permanent tee time program is an annual lottery. There will not be opportunity for ‘squatters.’

If you have any questions about the 2022 Permanent Tee Time program, contact John Billiter at
847-897-6136 or jbilliter@nbparks.org.