The American Society of Golf Course Architects Foundation developed The Longleaf Tee Initiative during the renovation of the Longleaf Golf and Family Club in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Their goal was to increase course playability and golfer enjoyment for players of all ages and skillset.  This was accomplished by having multiple tee locations and encouraging players to tee off from tee locations based on how far they carry their drive. 

With the Longleaf initiative in mind we’ve teamed with golf course architect Rick Jacobson to strategically expand our existing tee complexes and add a new set of forward tees on both courses.  The goal is for players of all ages and abilities to enjoy the game while maintaining the design integrity and challenge of the layout while improving pace of play. 

With six tee locations on the Legacy 9 and five locations on the Classic 18 and a blend of four more selecting the appropriate tee to play from has never been easier.   

What do I need to do? 

  • Find your driver distance by visiting our TrackMan equipped practice range.   
  • Download the TrackMan app to track your driver carry yardage. 
  • Hit driver tee shots and make note of the colored flag your shots typically carry beyond.   
  • Choose the tee color that corresponds with the colored flag you carried the ball past most often. 

Don’t have time for the range?

Use your estimated driver carry distance to select the recommended tee color!

Driver Carry Distance Total Distance with Roll Recommended Tee 
50 75 Anetsberger Green 
75 125 & Up Anetsberger Yellow  
100 125 Legacy 9 Orange 
125 175 Teal 
175 200 Grey 
200 225 White 
225 250 Maroon 
250 275 & Up Blue